8 comments on “Fixing my Astra – Part 2

  1. Thanks for the tip on the tool for doing the brakes i have to tackle that job soon. Really need to get iff my but and do the oil change.

  2. it is much needed for doing the rear brakes. There are better tools out there made especially for Euro cars but they go for like $100 or more. This one worked fine for me although I have seen on forums about how rubbish the universal cube is. Doing the oil is easy, shouldn’t take you more than a couple hours but doing the brakes can turn into a bit of a mission if you don’t have the tools. If the brakes have never been done before the bolts holding the caliper to the rotor may be extra tight.

  3. Astra is progressing nicely!!
    Best way for me to loosen tight bolts is to hit bolt couple times hard with hammer then try open.(dont break anything) If not seem to work then make bolt hot with gas blowlamp and then try open( dont burn your car). Somehow hot makes some reaction to metal and it most of the time works.

  4. thanks for the tip bro but I found that all you need is leverage – I use 2 spanners, link them together and use brute force

    I don’t know how to link an image to my comment so I inserted it to the blog at the bottom

  5. Yep thats a great way too. I got long metal pipes for “leverage” too. But i only do it if i cant air impact wrench the bolt off. My situation with cars is very lucky cos i got all the tools possible at my use at my work place “hobby car garage”. I work as a car mechanic, that way i got all the tools at my use for free. Lucky situation for me!!

  6. LUCKY YOU!!!!! I was looking at the pics of your latest blog and was admiring the convertible in the background and wondering what kind of car it was – looks american

  7. Yeah my pals love american cars. There at “hobby car garage” is Chevy Bel Air 1960 that got straight 6 cylinder changed to V8 engine last winter + just got done anyways and its now on daily use for summer. That car behind in that pic is Cadillac Eldorado 1965 convertible with big block V8, It just got all the interior done with new leather on the seats, IT LOOKS AWSOME. Then there is 1961 Oldsmobile Delta super 88 wich is just painted but in million pieces rich now but its engine is done and spose to have around 400-500 horsepower right now ( looking forward to hear the sound of it) and lastly there is year 1961 ( i think) Cadillac wich has been sitting in someone yard and needs some fixing….. Shit and i got Russian car damn…haha.

  8. doesn’t matter what car it is. it’s all about the satisfaction of fixing up a project car.. I’m sure yours will be a beast once its finished. I have also been thinking about a project car too. I’ve been eyeing a 1963 Morris Mini at the wreckers… just shell, no engine for AUD $800 – its got all the chrome parts thou as well as the sub frame and suspension. If the body does not have too much rust I may have a go at it with my friend.

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