This is my personal blog just so I can write about stuff that interest me. It helps to write – I like writing

I am not a mechanic by trade but have always tinkered with machines and constantly pulling broken things apart to fix them as a kid. I even studied Industrial Design in college but never went into the field as a profession. I wouldn’t say I was a car fanatic but just a person who has driven all his life and got to a stage in my driving life where I was sick and tired of going to the auto mechanic everytime something went wrong with the car. I was just so ignorant of how a car worked that the mechanic could tell me anything and I would believe it. All the money I have spent in the past forking it out to a mechanic I could have put as a deposit into a house. So when I bought my new old car I decided it was time I started taking good care of it and school myself a bit on cars. It has been a really enjoyable ride, I feel empowered with this new knowledge, it has enabled me to talk to mechanics on a different level and it even feels like the mechanic treat you differently when you have an idea of what you are talking about.

I am a big Opel fan, their rich history in the automotive industry and the way that their cars have become a part of Australian culture is really interesting. Long before I ever became a fan, Opel was selling or influencing car designs that were being sold in Australia. From the Holden Gemini to the Holden Commodore – the exterior body design had influences from various Opel cars of that period. It wasn’t until the mid 90’s did Holden start selling re-badged Opel cars as Holdens that I became fully interested in the Opel brand.

I am also a Martial Arts fanatic who has been training in chinese kung fu for more than 15 years and every year I go to Hong Kong to train with kung fu masters (as well as do a bit of car spotting).

I hope you enjoy reading my personal blog about the slow evolution of my car as more and more aftermarket bits and pieces get added to it and hopefully it will provide some with ideas (and even some instructions) on how to mod up their own rides.


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