Stuff I Use

This page is a list of things I have used on my car. The car is an Astra SXi 1.8 litre 16v hatch MY2002 . These parts will fit on this model as well as many other ones built around the same time. I have listed all these things here so that you won’t need to search the internet to find the right parts for the car.

K&N air fliter (million mile warranty) KN 33 – 2787

This is an air filter that you will never need to change

K&N 57S-4900 Performance Intake Kit

Something I have considered buying, It is about 3 times more expensive than a conventional air filter but looks good…lol.. performance wise I cannot say as I have not used it yet.

Standard OEM Bosch spark Plugs (for the Astra the code is FLR 8 LDCU+)

For the Premium Platinum Performance Spark Plugs the code is F3-4

K&N Oil Filter (HP 1001)

It is really important to change your oil often, I try to do mine every 7000km, It doesn’t take long and it is not a hard thing to do. Use good oil and a good filter and the car will be much better off. The K&N oil filter is expensive but it is a wrench off which means it is much easier to take off. Other brands can sometimes get a bit fidgety to get off. You don’t have to use the K&N oil filter, any brand will do as long as it fits – the general code for an oil filter that fits the Astra is W154. I am only listing the canister style filter as my car is a later model Astra. Earlier models uses a cartridge style filter – from memory I think the K&N one has the code HP 7001.

Please DYOR before purchasing any of the above items and make sure it is the right part for your car.


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